Turn your github green with daily, automated

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After setup, GitHub Gardener creates a new repository for you

GitHub Gardener commits several times a day to the new repository

Watch your github magically turn green over the span of a year


Automated Commits
Watch your github contribution history turn green with daily, automated commits

Automated Pull Requests, Code Reviews, Issues
Watch your activity overview magically turn into a polygon with daily, automated pull requests, code reviews and issues

Go Incognito
Use a private repo and have a green github without showing your commits


Open Source
While building GitHub Gardener, I found that I needed full read and write access to the user's repos. In order to create a sense of security and show my pure intentions, I decided to open source it

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Built in the open
I am transparent and write about everything regarding GitHub Gardener. You can read the whole story, from idea inception - to my first sale - to today

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Who am I?
I'm Alex, the only person behind GitHub Gardener, nice to meet you. I am just another guy chasing his dream, mine is to make a living out of doing what I love, building products.

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Help me achieve my dream of becoming an indie maker

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Self host the open source software

Self Hosted

  • 0 to 7 commits per day

  • Works with a public repository only only

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Enjoy at the price of a coffee per month ☕


  • 0 to 7 commits per day

  • Works with a public or private repository



Enjoy at the price of two coffees per month ☕


  • All features from Stealth

  • Plus pull requests, code reviews & issues